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What is Nagashi Somen

While nagashi somen is one of the most well known food activities in Japan, not many people have actually experienced it!

Nagashi somen is actually not that old.  It appears to have developed in Kyushu in the 1950’s.  First pure cold spring water was used and then the idea of having the noodles flow along a cut in half length of bamboo came about.

People stand beside the bamboo, chopsticks at the ready, and try to catch the somen noodles as they flow down the bamboo half pipe.  In the other hand they have a bowl of soy sauce based dipping sauce.  Not only is this lots of fun, it’s yummy too!

Nagashi somen is good opportunity to feel “fu-ryu” – Japanese elegance of the summer, through this food activity.





Somen Noodle


Somen noodles are well known and very common in Japan.  Made of flour and salt, they taste and look like udon noodles.   Yes, they are actually the same, just very thin.  (The Japanese government defines somen as noodles of less than 1.3mm diameter).

Somen’s roots can be traced back 600-700 years to the Muromachi Period.  It is now produced all over Japan but in particular in Miwa in Nara Prefecture, Ibo in Hyogo Prefecture and Shodo-shima in Kagawa Prefecture are famous producing areas.

For Japan Day 2018, we imported this original somen directly from Japan.  We hope you enjoy this Japanese seasonal attraction.




CBNではJapan Day 2018の為に日本から日本国産のそうめんを直輸入しました。ぜひ日本の味をお楽しみください。


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